Flourish Farm Crispy Crickets: A Super Human Snack!

Tasty whole crickets in flavors inspired by our favorite snacks. A super-satisfying, crispy crunchy snack that's a high-protein alternative to chips or pretzels.

Savory flavors are great on top of a salad or stirred into soup (move over croutons!) They are also great right out of the container as a high-protein, no-carb, low-fat snack.

We recommend enjoying Crispy Crickets with your favorite cold beverage.

Each cup contains two 1/3 cup servings of Crispy Crickets (1 ounce by weight)

Garlic & Sea Salt 

Simple, savory flavor profile. Great on salads, in soup, or as a bar-top snack!

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Rich cocoa and spices. Mix into creamy yogurt or enjoy right out of the cup.

Thai Chili Lime

Kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, and hot chili together with soy sauce for a sweet/salty/spicy totally tasty experience

Salt & Vinegar

Transforming a favorite and familiar snack food into Super Human Fuel!


Allergy Warning
Please note that a shellfish allergy may indicate an allergy to insects.


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