Some of our favorite ways to incorporate 100% cricket protein into our diets and transform every day favorites into Super Human Fuel!  

Cricket protein powder can be easily incorporated into many daily dishes.  Add 2 tablespoons to your favorite smoothie or stir into oatmeal for a protein boost equivalent to two whole eggs.  Or substitute cricket powder for flour in baked goods; we recommend swapping about 20% of your flour for cricket powder to increase protein and drop carbohydrate levels in breads, pastries and pastas.

Our whole Crispy Crickets are delicious on their own, but can also be easily added to salads or used as a great alternative protein choice for tacos.  


Chocolate Chirp Cookies
Flourish Farm Chocolate Chirp Cookies Cricket Protein

Cricket Powder adds 40g protein to these delicious and homey favorites. 

Spicy Cheddar Protein Muffins  

Flourish Farm Cricket Protein Spicy Cheddar Muffins

These delicious savory muffins are packed with protein and feature bacon, cheese, and jalapeños.

Cricket Bread

Flourish Farm Cricket Protein Bread

A loaf of this bread contains 120 grams of protein (with 53 grams from the flour and 67 grams from 100% Cricket Protein Powder).  

Chocolate Chip, Chickpea, and Cricket Powder Cookies

Flourish Farm VT Chocolate Chip, Chickpea and Cricket Powder Cookies

Jammed-full of protein (featuring flax, and chickpeas alongside Flourish Farm 100% Cricket Protein Powder) these are great fuel for all sorts of super-human activities.



 Banana Berry Smoothie

Flourish Farm Banana Berry Cricket Protein Smoothie

The 2 tablespoons of 100% Cricket Protein Powder in this recipe adds 12 grams of sustainable protein raised and harvested in our Williston Vermont farm--the equivalent of two eggs!

Banana Flax Protein Smoothie

Flourish Farm Cricket Protein Banana Flax Smoothie

The nutritional benefits of ground flaxseed (also sometimes known as linseed)--which include high levels of dietary fiber, vitamin C and B6 and iron, and plant-based protein combine with the power of 100% Cricket Protein Powder to turn this delicious smoothie into Super Human Fuel!  


 Flourless Banana Protein Pancakes

Flourish Farm Cricket Protein Flourless Pancakes

These protein cakes are paleo-friendly, low-carb, low-sugar, easy to make, packed with 30 grams of protein (!!) per serving and so delicious. 


 Banana Cricket Creemees

Flourish Farm VT 100% Cricket Protein Powder Banana Cricket Creemees 

This delicious dairy-free frozen banana treat has the consistency of soft serve--plus a protein boost from 100% Cricket Protein Powder and a hint of sweet honey.