What makes cricket protein so sustainable?

  • It takes significantly fewer environmental resources to farm one pound of crickets as compared to one pound of traditional protein.
  • Also unlike cows, pigs or chickens, crickets emit almost zero greenhouse gases.  

Are crickets good for you?

  • YES. They are packed full of nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, B12, iron and contain all 9 essential amino acids making them a COMPLETE protein (unlike most plant sources). Basically, all crickets should wear little capes because they are a power-packed superfood. 

What does the cricket powder smell like?

  • Cricket powder has a nutty, malty scent.

What does the cricket powder taste like?

  • Similar to its scent, cricket powder has a rather nutty flavor.   Our 100% Cricket Protein Powder has a mild, fairly neutral flavor profile that blends well into smoothies and baked goods.    

What does it mean to be a “complete protein”?

  • A complete protein is a protein source that contains all nine essential amino acids necessary for our dietary needs.  These essential amino acids are not made by our bodies and must be obtained through food sources.  A complete protein, like cricket protein, delivers all of these essential amino acids, which help your body build muscle and regulate immune function.
 How does cricket protein compare to plant protein?
  • Many plant proteins are not complete proteins (meaning they do not contain all nine essential amino acids).  In addition, plant proteins in powders, protein bars and other manufactured foods are protein isolates, which are chemically separated from the rest of the plant, often stripping it of its natural nutrients, whereas our 100% Cricket Protein powder is a whole food. 

    Is cricket powder a substitute for flour?

    • No, cricket powder is not a 1:1 substitute for flour.  However, we have found that cricket powder is able to substitute a good portion of the flour in any recipe, lowering the carbohydrate levels and increasing the protein levels.  Our “go-to” percentage for substitution is 20%.  So, for a recipe that normally calls for 3 cups of flour, you would instead use roughly 2 and a half cups of flour and a half cup of cricket powder. You can take a look at some of our favorite recipes here.  

    How should I store my products?

    • We recommend storing your cricket powder in the refrigerator for optimum freshness.  However, it does not REQUIRE refrigeration so if you are traveling, you do not need to worry about keeping it cool.  Powder can be stored in a cool, dry place.  Crispy Crickets can be stored in their reusable containers--they have a fairly long shelf life but are definitely most delicious within a few weeks of processing. 

    Are crickets / cricket powder gluten free?

    • We are currently working on obtaining our gluten free certification. 

    Do crickets affect allergy sufferers?

    • Crickets (and all insects) are closely related to shellfish.  Although additional testing needs to be done to confirm the risk to people with shellfish allergies in consuming insects, we do advise that if you have a severe shellfish allergy you do not consume products made from crickets or other insects.

    What are the benefits to offering my pets crickets?

    • Our pets love the taste of crickets and we've been feeding them Crispy Crickets and including 100% Cricket Protein powder in homemade dog treats.  Many dogs with allergies to common protein sources like beef and chicken do extremely well with insects as their primary protein source.  And of course cats and dogs benefit from eating high-protein, low-fat, nutrient-dense crickets.  We are developing a line of products for our Furry Tribe that will include cricket protein along with other beneficial supplements for our companion animals.  

    Where can I find your products?

    Are you offering crickets or powder to wholesale customers?