About Us



Flourish Farm is a unique cricket farm (not hard to be, you're probably thinking!) based in Vermont, raising and harvesting crickets for human and pet consumption.

For the past three years, we have been operating under the name Tomorrow's Harvest (you may have heard of us!).  Due to the demand for our products, we have spent the last year working on expanding. Enter: a bigger farm, a new name, a pretty awesome logo and a really innovative team of do-ers and creative thinkers (among other stuff).  


One day in 2013, our co-founders, Steve and Jen Swanson had their first baby.  

"We became really serious about the future. It was immediately understood that it wasn't just about us anymore and we had a responsibility to eat better, do better and work harder so that our kid could grow up in a healthy house and have a healthy future."

Upon much research, they were awakened to how broken our current food system is and how it's harming our bodies and the planet.

"The negative impact of factory farming is most concerning.  We want our family to have access to healthy protein sources and, unfortunately, the ability to obtain this from meat is becoming increasingly challenging."  

Steve and Jen believe that we deserve to have access to an alternative source of protein that can both fulfill our dietary needs and aid in the sustainability of our planet.  So, they started a human-grade cricket farm with this mission in mind.  

Flourish Farm will supply only the finest whole crickets and cricket powder on both wholesale and retail levels.  Furthermore, our team is on a mission to help change the image of entomophagy by educating you on how to incorporate crickets into recipes so that you can reap all the health benefits while enjoying your favorite foods!  

We promise to raise quality, earth-friendly protein that you can feel good about feeding to your whole tribe: your kids, your pets, your fitness group, yourself. Together, we can fuel our bodies, fuel change, fuel a revolution.