Flourish Farm Open House

Flourish Farm Grand Opening

Thank you Flourish Tribe for making our Open House a success!

On a beautiful Saturday in May, we were thrilled with all the members of our amazing local community who chose to visit our new farm space in Williston VT for our Grand Opening Celebration. 

So many smiling faces walked through our doors--many had never tried a cricket before and came with questions and curiosity, and some were seasoned entomophagists who came to welcome us and see how our 100% cricket protein and seasoned crispy crickets compare to other experiences they've had eating insects. 

Nearly everyone that attended sampled one of the options we had available, which included three flavors of Crispy Crickets (Maple, Buffalo, and Garlic & Sea Salt); Cricket Bark, which featured whole Crispy Crickets smothered in chocolate; Banana Berry Smoothies made with 100% Cricket Protein Powder, and of course Chocolate Chirp Cookies.  We love welcoming new members to the Flourish Tribe and introducing them to the many ways they can include this incredible protein source into their diet. 

We welcomed our first groups into the farm viewing space for public tours, allowing them to see the crickets, learn more about the nutritional and ecological benefits of cricket farming, and get all sorts of questions answered ("Does the chirping get too loud?" "How do you control the population size?" "What do the crickets eat?")

Kids visited the Super-Kid Coloring Station, spent some quiet time reading about insects, and even made their own antennae (in between samples of Chocolate Chirp Cookies!).

Four lucky members of the Flourish Tribe won great prizes in our "Cricket for a Ticket" raffle, including a Superhuman Hat, and our 100% Cricket Protein Powder

A special thank you for all the great feedback we've gotten on the event through our Facebook and Instagram pages--including this comment "I really loved meeting all of you and hearing about this amazing business! Your products rock!! Thank you for doing what you’re doing!!"  

We're looking forward to more public events in the coming months and invite you to stop by the farm during our open hours to browse our Flourish Farm apparel, pick up some 100% Cricket Protein Powder or a cup of Crispy Crickets.

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