Coming Soon: SUPERWOOF! Fuel for your Furry Tribe

Coming Soon: SUPERWOOF! Fuel for your Furry Tribe

SUPERWOOF: Cricket Protein Dog Chews!

Fuel for your Furry Tribe

Our dogs are essential parts of our Flourish Farm family.  They are great companions on adventures big and small, wonderful friends to our kids, and fantastic reminders to stay present, to play hard, and to relish rest.  We are thrilled to announce that the first in our line of Fuel for your Furry Tribe, SuperWoof, will be available for purchase in just a few short weeks.

These dog chews have been specially formulated to be not only delicious to dogs, but to provide some really valuable benefits to our super canines.  Together with 100% Cricket Protein, SuperWoof chews feature MSM, Creatine, DMG, Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, and HA--ingredients that help to support endurance and performance.  The chews can be given daily to help ease joint stiffness, support lactic acid levels, and enhance exercise tolerance.  

Including cricket protein in treats for our pet means they'll be getting the same nutrient-dense food that we enjoy in our 100% Cricket Protein powder--sustainability sourced protein, healthy fat, and scads of micronutrients including iron, calcium and B-Vitamins.  

SuperWoof will soon be available to purchase in our online store and at select pet food retailers. Stay tuned to our facebook and instagram and join our mailing list for more details and exciting announcements to come! 



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