We are a team of health-focused, earth-loving, think-outside-the-box world changers (no, we actually are!) operating Vermont's  first full-scale cricket farm, producing cricket protein products for human consumption. We're farming the world's most sustainable complete protein to fuel you, your kids, your workout buddies, your pets...your whole tribe. 

We are open at 340 Avenue D Suite 50 in Williston, Vermont Wednesday-Saturday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm--until 6 on Fridays.  Can't make it to the farm? Our online store is always open offering 100% cricket protein powder, delicious crispy crickets, and Flourish Farm apparel.

Why crickets? Eating insects is a novel idea to many but cultures around the globe have been relying on insects as a source of protein for centuries.  Crickets provide a complete high quality source of protein, providing all nine essential amino acids along with high levels of vitamin B12, calcium, potassium and iron.  Flourish Farm 100% Cricket Protein powder undergoes very little processing as compared to whey protein or other animal or even plant based protein sources.  Our crickets are raised with care from hatch to harvest and processed in small batches into cricket powder or whole seasoned Crispy Crickets (with more products like protein bars in development!).  Crickets are delicious, nutricious food, and incorperating edible insects in your diet is a way to make a small change with a big impact on the health of your body and our planet.

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